Our factory is one of the largest scale factories in China focus on natural product, located in a beautiful industrial park.

Production facilites:

A, raw material cleaning machine Manufacturing

B,Raw material crusher


D, 2 extraction tanks 20tons

E, 4 tube-type centrifuges

F, two three-foot centrifuges

G, 8 low temperature vacuum circulation concentrator

H, three extraction towers

I, 2 alcohol sinks

J, 14 column chromatography

K, 3 membrane condense

L, 4 spherical concentrators

M, 1 rectification

N, 1 secondary reverse osmosis pure water equipment

O, 1 super high temperature instantaneous sterilization machine

P, 16 square vacuum drying

Q, 2 spray drying

R, microwave drying

End Product Management

We control end product warehouse strictly according to GMP standard.
Every warehouse is equipped with air-conditioner, themometers, humidometer, rats blocking board. Products comply with “first in, first out” principle.
Products will be analyzed of color, solubility, active ingredient content, moisture, and microbiology every 6 months.


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