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Dihydroartemisinin(Artenimol) is an artemisinin derivative and antimalarial agent used in the treatment of uncomplicated Plasmodium falciparum infections Label. It was first authorized for market by the European Medicines Agency in October 2011 in combination with Piperaquine as the product Eurartesim. Artemisinin combination therapy is highly effective against malaria and stongly recommended by the World Health Organization .

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CAS No.:81496-81-3

Product Source: Artemisinin.

Appearance: White crystalline or crystalline powder

Molecular Formula: C15H24O5

Molecular Weight: 284.35

Test method: HPLC


Dihydroartemisinin (also known as dihydroqinghaosu, artenimol or DHA) is a drug used to treat malaria. Dihydroartemisinin is the active metabolite of all artemisinin compounds (artemisinin, artesunate, artemether, etc.) and is also available as a drug in itself.

Product packing: 25kg/drum

Validity period: 2 years

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