Gentiana scabra Bunge

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Gentiana scabra Bunge is a kind of alpine plant, which likes humid and cool climate, and is wild in mountains, slopes, forests and shrubs. In the whole growing season of plants, the temperature is quite high. Beijing has been growing well since its introduction. Cold resistant, its underground part can endure low temperature below – 25 ℃. According to the growth habits of plants, the cultivation of gentian and the natural plant extracts of gentian extract should be carried out in a humid place with intercropping and proper shading. The soil should be calcareous soil and sandy loam rich in humus. It is not suitable for cultivation in areas with high and dry terrain and direct sunlight, and in areas with too sticky and poor soil. Gentiana likes fertilizer. When combined with deep ploughing, high-quality gentiana extract should be applied with about 8000 kg of fully decomposed manure per mu. It germinates in the middle of April every year, blooms in August, blooms from August to September, and the fruit ripens in September. The annual growth period is about 180-210 days.

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CAS No:20831-76-9

Latin name:Gentiana scabra Bunge

Part used:Root


Appearance:Brown yellow fine powder

Product packing:25kg/durm

Validity period:2 years

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