Our factory is one of the largest scale factories in China focus on natural product, located in a beautiful industrial park.

Production facilites:

  1. raw material cleaning machine 
  2. Raw material crusher
  3. Pulverizer
  4. Three extraction tanks 20tons
  5. Six tube-type centrifuges
  6. two three-foot centrifuges
  7. 8 low temperature vacuum circulation concentrator
  8. Three extraction towers
  9. Three alcohol sinks
  10. 14 column chromatography
  11. Six membrane condense
  12. Six spherical concentrators
  13. Two rectification
  14. 1 secondary reverse osmosis pure water equipment
  15. three super high temperature instantaneous sterilization machine
  16. 16 square vacuum drying
  17. Two spray drying
  18. Microwave drying
  19. 650 square meters of 100,000-grade clean area

End Product Management

We control end product warehouse strictly according to GMP standard.
Every warehouse is equipped with air-conditioner, themometers, humidometer, rats blocking board. Products comply with “first in, first out” principle.
Products will be analyzed of color, solubility, active ingredient content, moisture, and microbiology every 6 months.

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